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I study Sustainability, Entomology, and Science Communication.

My goal is to improve relationships with the environment, insect pollinators, and honeybees through applied research, extension, and digital media. I am driven to develop an understanding of how human and natural systems function and intersect, find practical solutions to environmental problems, and serve and engage the needs of stakeholders.

Ben DeMoras in a bee suit showing a frame of bees from an open hive.

I create websites, graphics, and print materials to serve a variety of audiences.

I enjoy researching and writing about the natural world.

  • Did you hear the buzz? Cities are excellent pollinator preserves

    Your home garden is the perfect candidate for saving bees, butterflies, and moths.

  • Why Study Bees on an Island?

    Two weeks ago, getting on the R.V. John M. Kingsbury in Portsmouth, N.H., and heading to Appledore Island, I thought I knew what to expect.

  • Why Conserve Tern Populations?

    I sit on the deck of an aluminum boat rolling back and forth. The boat surges forward, pushing through the waves and crashing whitecaps. Another wave breaks over the rail of the boat, making wet splatters on our clothes.

  • Mummichogs: A Fish that Opened an Evolutionary Window

    Imagine a small, slender, slippery fish swimming through the water. Now flip to an image of animals on land; creatures like you and me. Is it difficult to imagine that land animals evolved from aquatic creatures over 395 million years ago? Probably!

  • Are the Adirondacks Really “Forever Wild?”

    Instantly, I notice the cool mountain air. As I open the door, get out of the car, and stretch my legs, I smell the earth, the slight humidity, and tranquility. It’s the crisp scent of fir and pine, the chatter of the chickadees, the echoes of woodpeckers, and the murmur of a beckoning mountain stream.