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Week 4

This week, I met with Roger to plan the stops on our self-guided garden tour. Our tour will feature information on the garden’s history, pollinator habitats and plantings, hardy berry plantings, composting, the garden’s outdoor classroom, Cornell Vegetable trials, a permaculture guild, and an apple espalier. (A living fruit tree fence!) I hope this tour will inspire visitors to pause and to take in the garden’s scents, scenes, and wildlife. I think visiting the garden is an opportunity to think about how nature doesn’t change — how it always marches forward according to its plan even as we humans pause and change our normal routines.

I also decided that it would be fun and functional to create a website to accompany the self-guided tour. The website will allow for virtual tours of the garden, and will provide more information than the handouts on the self-guided in-person tour. I met with Cathy Barnes, CCE Schuyler’s administrative assistant, to discuss the website options. I will work with Cathy to set up this virtual tour website on the Schuyler CCE Virtual Connections blog, a platform they already use to keep members of the community connected with information from the CCE in the midst of the pandemic.